s h u p a c a


our handmade alpaca clothing and home goods are luxuriously soft, stylish, and eco-friendly. they keep you warm on the chilliest of days, yet are light enough to be used year-round. that is because our clothing and home goods are made of alpaca wool, a fur with naturally superior qualities.  alpaca wool has a durable, hollow core that traps little pockets of air.

alpacas also produce softer, silk-like strands that act as insulators against both cold and heat. these air pockets allow for the fabric’s breathability, keeping you cool even during the summer. alpaca fibers create an extremely light, fine, warm and cashmere-like texture that feels wonderful on the skin.

mother nature is definitely also cheerful about alpaca wool because of the many sustainable practices being used for the eco-friendly fabric production of the natural fiber. no mechanical or chemical processing is used during the crafting and construction of alpaca clothing and home goods. unlike sheep wool that produces prickles on the skin because of its coarse fibers, alpaca wool has a much smoother shaft and does not contain lanolin. alpaca is naturally hypo-allergenic.