e n c a n t o  j e w e l s


encanto was created in 2007 by monica farbiarz, a self-taught businesswoman with a background in dance and healing arts.  monica saw potential in tagua to actualize her dream of providing opportunity for herself and others to expand their own potential.  thus, encanto is a business whose bottom line is more than financial, for its success is measured in the growth of every person and in the preservation of the rainforests from which the tagua seed comes.

encanto embraces the beauty and magic of all humanity and races, of women and men, living in harmony with the natural abundance of our planet. when developing our products, we seek to observe eco-friendliness with social responsibility, an approach that respects both nature and the dignity of each individual who harvests its riches on our behalf. 

your purchase not only helps support the economies of the people we employ, but also goes toward helping us further our goals and continue with our mission to be a business that is about creating a better world for us all.